The Halloween Tricks and Guide

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in this country. Not only do we come together as families to share meals. But it also tests our creativity with costumes we design each year.

However, it can be overwhelming if you can’t figure out how you want it to be that’s why we give you the Halloween tricks and guides.

1.    The costumes

I love the creativity that goes into the costumes of the day. While we mostly want to be the best dressed, there’s always that one person who beats us to our game. But that’s the fun of it, right?

Over the last ten years, the costumes have evolved to mimic our cultures. Often people forget babies but you shouldn’t. The last Halloween, my friend’s baby had an avocado costume. Babies look innocently cute in their costumes all the time.

When choosing the costume though, consider comfort. You will spend the whole day with this costume so you should know whether the material feels good on you or not. If you realize that it will make uncomfortable or any of your family members uncomfortable don’t use it.

For the costume, everything is about how creative you get. So chose yours wisely but also check the reviews for advice on the best costume to use. The review will guide you to the right material to use especially for your little ones.

Don’t forget the dog though. He/she is part of the family so you should dress them too. Do you have some old shirts, you can use them to dress the dog as a working individual?

2.    But what about candies?

This is the other point of concern for many. Today most families wish for a healthy life and they might not know what to use for their Halloween treats. Don’t worry, there are many healthy candies to try for you.

I’m one person who believes that just a day of candy won’t kill you. Let your guard down for just that single day and treat yourselves. Buy some bags of resee peanut butter cups and many other candy styles.

You can teach your kids to eat candies in moderation to limit the sugary related illnesses. Other than that, enjoy your best traditional Halloween recipes.

3.    Decoration hacks

There are several tricks you could pull to make decoration suit the day.

I like to use trash bags as spider webs. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend when doing this though.

Candy corn for decoration is another easy method to use. If you bought too much candy and yet you don’t like them you can use it for decoration. You don’t have to throw the candy.

4.    Consider the entertainment

It takes a while to plan for this day especially when you are planning to present a movie or play. I never get the essence of scaring people during this time but people enjoy it so make room for such.

You could even watch a scary movie with your family to get yourself in the Halloween vibe.

5.    Have fun

At the end of the day, this event is about you having fun. Therefore, lighten up and have fun. Some of us live a very rigid life but on this day, take it easy. Be present in the moment with your family and friends.

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