At What Age Should You Give Your Child A Phone?

You can buy a phone for your child from many UK online stores — the question, however, is why and when you should get it for him or her. Phones are essential in the world today—for communication, entertainment, et cetera. While every adult should have one, it is a matter of controversy whether kids should have it and when they should have it. As a parent, this can be a difficult decision to make. Apart from the fact that you have to check the reviews of mobile phone stores in the UK, there are some questions you should consider before getting the phone for the child. These questions are;

Why does the kid need it?

Your reason for getting a phone for your child should not be because his or her friends have phones. If that is the only reason you have, you might have to review your decision. Sometimes a cell phone for your child might not be a necessity, especially if both of you are, in most cases, together. However, if your kid is engaged in activities that take him or her away from home, a phone might be necessary to bridge the gap during emergencies. You should make sure to evaluate and inform your child of these reasons if you eventually decide to get the phone.

cell phone for your child

How responsible and mature is the child?

When you decide on giving a phone to your child, you acknowledge that you believe that he or she is responsible and mature enough to use it the right way. It is a privilege for your child to have one, so granting him or her that privilege shows trust in the child’s capabilities. Therefore, you as a parent need to determine the level of maturity of your child. Will the child be able to take good care of the device? Will he follow the established rules about the use of the phone? Will he use the device responsibly without harassing or embarrassing others? Discuss these questions with yourself and the kid so that you can come to a reasonable conclusion.

Does he or she understand the safety issues?

You should make sure you iron out issues concerning cyberbullying, texting and driving, the use of social media, et cetera, with your child before you get that phone for him or her. The child must understand these terminologies and the consequences of violating them. When you are sure your child understands them and can handle these issues, you can trust them with a phone.

Does the child understand the cost?

When you buy a phone for your child, you will have to pay cell phone plan charges. Some plans offer unlimited text messages, while others are limited. Also, movie, apps, and music downloads have their specified charges, which can empty your pocket. You should ensure that your child understands the cost of having a phone and the importance of staying within a given limit from month to month. You can also use this as a training opportunity to ensure your child stays frugal.

Which functions are appropriate?

There are phones with access to social media, music, messaging, videos, et cetera, and there are cell phones without all of these features. It would help if you determined what functions are appropriate for your child to have and get the phone that fits your description. If your reason for getting the phone is only for communication, you might want to go for a cell without all of these extra features.

How do you, as a parent, monitor the child’s activities with the phone?

You should make sure to outline, very specifically, the rules and regulations he or she is expected to follow and the consequences he or she stands to face if they break these rules. You should make sure to talk about the dangers of social media, sexting, texting and driving, et cetera. You should also create a monitoring system that effectively regulates your child’s activities with the phone.

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