A List of Childrens’ Toys And Activities You Can Do With Your Family

If you want to get out and enjoy some quality time with your family you may be looking for some activities that you can do together.

Especially in the world we find ourselves in today, you may have to put up with doing those things alone.

Children are a blessing and we all want to make sure our young loved ones are properly cared for and looked after.

Improved social skills and less screen time

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Here’s a great list of activities and toys that you can do together with your family.

Head Outdoors

Nothing is better than heading outdoors and spending quality time with your family surrounded by green and nature.

Immersing yourself in nature benefits your health, and as little as 2 hours a week in green spaces can leave you reporting higher levels of health and well-being.

Whilst you are outdoors you can:

Go Camping.

Camping is a great activity for young and old alike. Depending on where you are located you may be able to either wild camp or choose a camp site. Its fun and a super chance to give children a little more freedom.

Have a Nature Hunt

Try nature bingo! Draw up a list of common things that you may find in your local green space: specific tree leaves, types of birds, insects. Cross them off your list as you find them. Kids love the competitive element of this, and it will help increase their curiosity and enthusiasm for nature.

Wash Your Car

Here’s a great fun activity that you can all do together even if you live in the city. Kids love getting buckets of soapy water and the excuse to get wet!

Make sure you dress them in old clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and set some boundaries before you start.

Indoor Fun

When you don’t want to or can’t get outdoors, there’s always great activities that you can do indoors.

Board Games

Board games are a great way to spend time with your children. The benefits of board games are numerable.

Improved social skills and less screen time are obvious benefits, but not the only ones. There are many life lessons to be learned playing board games with the family, not least of which is learning how to lose and gamesmanship.


Baking with children is a fun activity if you are able to cope with a little mess. Kids love it and they love seeing the result of something they made.

Write a Story Together

Here’s one that doesn’t need anything more than a pen, paper and imagination. Writing a story together can be a very enlightening experience.

A fun variant is to takes turns writing each word. The result is unpredictable and often hilarious!

Get Playing!

What are you waiting for? There’s tons to do with your family!

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