Mother’s Day Gifts: What Your Wife Really Wants


Chocolates? No. Jewelry? No. Flowers? No. This Mothers Day gift costs practically nothing, and it will make your wife smile for days (and if you do it right, maybe even for years).

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Valentines Fun with Your Husband … Even When Your Kids are Around


Our children might just be the ultimate romance-busters. There's nothing sexy about a landscape littered with plastic toys, balls and sippy cups. Light a candle and your two-year old will take a dive at it; wear a sexy top and it will be barfed on, or at best, be mauled by tiny sticky hands. But, don't throw in the towel just yet. Take back Valentines Day and have those pint-sized mood-killers join in the fun.

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Married couples with children are less happy than childless married couples, says report

welcome to the jungle

The report, entitled "Baby Makes Three" from the National Marriage Project is just the latest installment, in what seems to be, a never-ending series of academic reports that find that those of us who are married with kids are less happy than our childless married friends.

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How to Seduce Your Wife


For men, getting in the mood for sex is as easy as pushing a button. A flash of thigh and a strategically placed hand and they are ready to go. For us women it’s like manning the controls of a 747.

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