Sex, Every Day. For A Whole Year. Could You Do It?


We have an update from that married-with-kids couple who had sex every day for 101 days. Remember Annie and Douglas Brown? They wrote about their marathon bonk-a-thon in "Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On their Sex Lives for 101 Days"

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The Great Sex Negotiation: How Much Sex is Enough?

sex nego

How much sex do the married parents of small kids have? What’s average? “I’m scoring like a third-rate British soccer team—once every fifth Sunday.” —Peter, married 8 years, 3 kids

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The “Sex Life” of New Parents

run rabbit run

Just another night in suburbia...

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No Sex After Baby? Blame Biology for Your Lost Sex Drive

exhausted woman

There have been times in my life when I have been absolutely astounded by the male sex drive. I was awestruck a couple of months after the birth of our first daughter when Mike attempted to have sex with me. My leaky boobs, matted hair, stooped shoulders, hairy legs, stained bathrobe and – I am pretty sure - stinky breath did not deter him.

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From Have You Babyproofed Your Marriage?

"Baby ... Boom!"

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What Our Parents and Grandparents Can Teach Us About the Early Parenting Years: Reflections From the Other Side


It’s hard to have perspective about this stage of our lives. We can’t see too far beyond the next milestone: “Things will be so much easier when he’s potty trained/in preschool/making his own lunch/driving a car.” But we can get some perspective from couples who have been down this road already. Even though marriage and parenting have changed dramatically in a generation or two, the fundamental experience of adjusting to parenthood remains basically the same. The parenting veterans once found it as shocking as we do now. They felt their way along in the dark just like we’re all attempting to do.

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When Is the Last Time You Had Sex With or Said “Hello” to Your Husband?

Imagine, if you will, an entire week or even a month going by without having a conversation with your husband. Imagine a day spent together without as much as a "hello, how you doing?" from him? Or going out for a meal together and having him read a book/read his phone with scarcely a glance in your direction, as you chew your food in silence. Can you imagine how hurt and rejected you would feel? If it has been a while (let's say weeks) since you and your husband have had sex, it's possible that he might be feeling as ignored and rejected as you would feel if he had not spoken to you for weeks.

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The Date Night Challenge for Parents of Young Children


No doubt, you know that one of the things you are supposed to be doing for the health and well-being of your marriage is to have regular date nights with your husband. While a date night sounds like just what you and him need, how great does that date actually end up being?

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How to Have More Sex: Stop Trying to Have a Perfect House


Damn you, Martha Stewart! One of the reasons moms have less time and energy for sex is because we let the household cr@p drain us. Lazy Moms have more sex. They’ve got more energy for it. Are you more concerned with the state of your kitchen closets than the state of your sex life? What would be better for you … a trip to the Container Store or a session in the bedroom with your husband?

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