Sex, Every Day. For A Whole Year. Could You Do It?


We have an update from that married-with-kids couple who had sex every day for 101 days. Remember Annie and Douglas Brown? They wrote about their marathon bonk-a-thon in "Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On their Sex Lives for 101 Days"

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Breastfeeding and Sex: What One Does to the Other


There are many reasons why our sex drives take a nosedive after a baby arrives. For many women, breast feeding tops the list of passion killers. Yes, our bodies' and, more specifically, our boobs' ability to feed our babies is astounding and beautiful but becoming a milking machine plays havoc in the bedroom. One of our girlfriends spoke for many when she said, "Breast feeding makes me feel like a cow ... not a sexy mama."

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Sex: Frustrated Married Men Who Take Matters into Their Own Hands


We talked to hundreds of men and asked them about their marriage after kids. Most, if not all, of these men were frustrated about one Read what guys have to say about their unmet sexual needs when they can say it anonymously. All this dialogue comes from a purported “sports fans” website that one of our “traitor” guy friends put us on to (we bleeped out some of the more colorful material): Topic: “Married Men Who M*#*%&%*# ” Bob: Do you make even a modicum of an effort to keep it secret? What I mean is, do you do it when your wife is away, or do you just go ahead and start *#%*ing away in the bedroom knowing full and well (and not caring) that your wife could walk in at any minute?

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From New Parents – How to Get Your Groove Back


Check out this article from by Lisa Steinke. If you're a new parent, you know all too well that life as you once knew it will never be the same. That your marriage will never be the same. That this little life has forever changed you. While most of the changes are good -- make that great -- there are some changes that you didn't exactly welcome with open arms. From sleep deprivation to sex deprivation, it is possible to get your life and marriage back on track. It might be hard to see through the fog right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Read on for the ways to get back on track...

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