Mother’s Day Gifts: What Your Wife Really Wants


Chocolates? No. Jewelry? No. Flowers? No. This Mothers Day gift costs practically nothing, and it will make your wife smile for days (and if you do it right, maybe even for years).

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Valentines Fun with Your Husband … Even When Your Kids are Around


Our children might just be the ultimate romance-busters. There's nothing sexy about a landscape littered with plastic toys, balls and sippy cups. Light a candle and your two-year old will take a dive at it; wear a sexy top and it will be barfed on, or at best, be mauled by tiny sticky hands. But, don't throw in the towel just yet. Take back Valentines Day and have those pint-sized mood-killers join in the fun.

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When Is the Last Time You Had Sex With or Said “Hello” to Your Husband?

Imagine, if you will, an entire week or even a month going by without having a conversation with your husband. Imagine a day spent together without as much as a "hello, how you doing?" from him? Or going out for a meal together and having him read a book/read his phone with scarcely a glance in your direction, as you chew your food in silence. Can you imagine how hurt and rejected you would feel? If it has been a while (let's say weeks) since you and your husband have had sex, it's possible that he might be feeling as ignored and rejected as you would feel if he had not spoken to you for weeks.

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The Date Night Challenge for Parents of Young Children


No doubt, you know that one of the things you are supposed to be doing for the health and well-being of your marriage is to have regular date nights with your husband. While a date night sounds like just what you and him need, how great does that date actually end up being?

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