Advice: My husband thinks that he is working harder than me!

Q. I tried your "Training Weekend". I went away for a weekend in hopes of showing my husband just how my day goes when he is away, but he just packed up baby and himself and headed to his parents for the entire weekend.

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Are You a Happy Mom?


Google “happiness and having children” and you’ll find a lot of depressing studies that seem to conclude that we have a national epidemic of miserable parents on our hands. While you may not be miserable, we have all, as parents, had those days when we want to run out the front door screaming and hitch a ride to anywhere that Barney, Dora and friends cannot go.

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Married to a Mama’s Boy: Husband Becomes Lazy Ass When His Mother is Around.

Q: When my mother-in-law comes to stay with us, my husband becomes a complete lazy ass. He lets her do his entire share of the parenting load.

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