The “Sex Life” of New Parents

run rabbit run

Just another night in suburbia...

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Sex: Frustrated Married Men Who Take Matters into Their Own Hands


We talked to hundreds of men and asked them about their marriage after kids. Most, if not all, of these men were frustrated about one Read what guys have to say about their unmet sexual needs when they can say it anonymously. All this dialogue comes from a purported “sports fans” website that one of our “traitor” guy friends put us on to (we bleeped out some of the more colorful material): Topic: “Married Men Who M*#*%&%*# ” Bob: Do you make even a modicum of an effort to keep it secret? What I mean is, do you do it when your wife is away, or do you just go ahead and start *#%*ing away in the bedroom knowing full and well (and not caring) that your wife could walk in at any minute?

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Sex and Communication Problems in Marriage: Men Can’t Hit Their Wives’ Moving Targets


“Trying to figure out what will get my wife in the mood for sex is like playing Whack-A-Mole.” —Dan, married 9 years, 2 kids

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