Warning: Your Baby Might Hurt Your Marriage!

The late, and great, Nora Ephron said it best, “Having a baby is like throwing a hand grenade into a marriage.”  Redbook asked us to come up with a list of dangers a baby poses to its parents’ marriage in the first year. Fortunately, we had some solutions for them too. Read about how the sleep deprivation, piles of laundry,...

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Help! I Have The Mother-in-Law From Hell

mother-in-law-from hell

Q. My mother in law is causing me a lot of stress. My husband and I have two children.We have a very loving relationship, a happy marraige and a very happy home. When I returned home after having my second baby, my mother-in-law took over the house. She told my husband to say good bye to me and go stay with his father because he would be no use to me.

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Fighting Over The Grandbaby


Sometimes grandparents have a funny way of welcoming a first grandchild into the fold. Specifically, they fight about it. It's a battle for dominance. Whose culture and traditions will take hold? Who will win the coveted position as uber-grandma?

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From Sheknows.com: Have You Babyproofed Your Marriage?

"Baby ... Boom!"

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What Our Parents and Grandparents Can Teach Us About the Early Parenting Years: Reflections From the Other Side


It’s hard to have perspective about this stage of our lives. We can’t see too far beyond the next milestone: “Things will be so much easier when he’s potty trained/in preschool/making his own lunch/driving a car.” But we can get some perspective from couples who have been down this road already. Even though marriage and parenting have changed dramatically in a generation or two, the fundamental experience of adjusting to parenthood remains basically the same. The parenting veterans once found it as shocking as we do now. They felt their way along in the dark just like we’re all attempting to do.

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Advice: My husband thinks that he is working harder than me!

Q. I tried your "Training Weekend". I went away for a weekend in hopes of showing my husband just how my day goes when he is away, but he just packed up baby and himself and headed to his parents for the entire weekend.

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From SheKnows.com: New Parents – How to Get Your Groove Back


Check out this article from SheKnows.com by Lisa Steinke. If you're a new parent, you know all too well that life as you once knew it will never be the same. That your marriage will never be the same. That this little life has forever changed you. While most of the changes are good -- make that great -- there are some changes that you didn't exactly welcome with open arms. From sleep deprivation to sex deprivation, it is possible to get your life and marriage back on track. It might be hard to see through the fog right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Read on for the ways to get back on track...

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Help! My Husband and I Are Constantly Fighting Since We Had a Baby


Q. My husband and I are constantly fighting. We fight about who gets up when, who is going to get the baby - day or night. We fight about who has done what, who has cleaned what, who's more tired, etc. He doesn't understand that I can barely get anything done during the day by myself ...

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Married couples with children are less happy than childless married couples, says report

welcome to the jungle

The report, entitled "Baby Makes Three" from the National Marriage Project is just the latest installment, in what seems to be, a never-ending series of academic reports that find that those of us who are married with kids are less happy than our childless married friends.

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When Is the Last Time You Had Sex With or Said “Hello” to Your Husband?


Imagine, if you will, an entire week or even a month going by without having a conversation with your husband. Imagine a day spent together without as much as a "hello, how you doing?" from him? Or going out for a meal together and having him read a book/read his phone with scarcely a glance in your direction, as you chew your food in silence. Can you imagine how hurt and rejected you would feel? If it has been a while (let's say weeks) since you and your husband have had sex, it's possible that he might be feeling as ignored and rejected as you would feel if he had not spoken to you for weeks.

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