“The Babyproofing Your Marriage seminar was fantastic … inspiring, funny, very genuine and a real crowd pleaser.”
- Laurie Higginbotham, President, Travis County Women Lawyers’ Association

“Your workshop was wonderful …. as was attested to by the number of questions, and the amount of laughter!”
- Anne Clark Duncan, Associate Pastor, Wayne Presbyterian Church, Wayne, PA

“What a super seminar! I love how you included the men’s point of view. That caused a very helpful paradigm shift for me.”
- Geri Neemidge, Mothers and More

We would love to speak with you about your event! Stacie, Cathy and Julia are available, individually or together, for small informal seminars to major-event keynotes, and everything in between!

A Babyproofing Your Marriageā„¢ seminar is a funny, inspiring and potentially marriage altering workshop focused on transforming your relationship with your spouse. Discover how to:

  • Bridge the Great Mom/Dad Divide
  • Retrieve that missing sex drive
  • Balance self, motherhood and marriage
  • Become a better parent

We approach every assignment with enthusiasm, professionalism and a commitment to creating a wonderful and lasting experience for your audience. You can contact us at .

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