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No one wants to say it, but everyone knows it’s true: having babies and parenting small children can be pretty tough on a marriage. Are you and your spouse enduring the inevitable challenges of early parenthood? Do you see things differently now that you have kids? Do you think you’re the only ones going through it?

With its down-to-earth humor and balanced perspective, Babyproofing Your Marriage will show you that despite your disagreements about who’s getting up in the middle of the night (a.k.a. Midnight Chicken), or who’s doing (or not doing) what to whom in the bedroom, it is indeed possible to create the kind of happy family life you want for yourselves and your kids.

A Babyproofing Your Marriageā„¢ seminar is a funny, inspiring and potentially marriage altering workshop focused on transforming your relationship with your spouse. Discover how to:

  • Bridge the Great Mom/Dad Divide
  • Retrieve that missing sex drive
  • Balance self, motherhood and marriage
  • Become a better parent

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