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“Babyproofing Your Marriage has several fantastic suggestions for greater marital harmony … This book can improve communication in marriages, resulting in happy moms and dads, thus creating equally happy kids.”

Brooke Shields,
 Author of Down Came the Rain – My Journey Through Postpartum Depression

Babyproofing Your Marriage is an upbeat way of looking at some of the problems that can occur in your relationship when you have children, and how you can fix them.”

John Gray, PhD
 Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Entertaining, eye-opening, humorous, and at times uncomfortably honest, Babyproofing Your Marriage will give every new parent at least one pang of recognition.

Christie Mellor,
 Author of The Three Martini Playdate


“Feisty, frank and funny”

Publishers Weekly

“This 289-page book will give you an honest look at how your marriage will forever change once baby makes three. It’s all the stuff your married girlfriends with children won’t admit.”

The Fresno Bee

“While I think the sex chapter alone is worth the price of this book, there is much more here … the book manages to reach brand-new parents of one as well as “veterans” with three kids or more, women as well as men.”

“I am seriously ordering this book for everyone one of my mommy friends. The hospital should give this book to all parents when they leave with the baby. Seriously, if you only read one parenting or marriage book, this is it.”

Tricia ( review)

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