Everyone Wants a Piece of the Mom Pie

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“Everyone wants a piece of the Mama.” —Vicki, married 5 years, 2 kids

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Married to a Did-Enough Dad? Taking Short-Cuts and Using “Convenience Cards” with the Kids


Did-Enough Dads - These are the Dads who do just enough to get by. Domestic Shortcuts (skipping baths and teeth brushing) are Standard Operating Procedure, and they make liberal use of Convenience Cards (TV, McDonald’s, 1-800-Grandma).

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Stop the Extreme Parenting Madness: Mothers for a Saner Life!

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Most of us find ourselves hopping on the extreme parenting locomotive, and that train is just not slowing down. Birthday parties with handmade goodie bags, play dates, volunteering, sports, school carnivals, doctors appointments, email, voicemail, text messages, activities, more activities, more more more...it just goes on and on. We get caught up in the pressurized societal vortex which makes parenting much harder than it should be.

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New Baby: What Every Dad Needs to Know


Most new Dads fall somewhere in the middle between the “everything but breastfeeding” brigade and the “proud to have never changed a diaper” crew. For the majority of new Dads who are clueless, but eager to get their hands dirty (both figuratively and literally) here is our Basic Competency List, or What Every Self-Respecting Dad Should Know How to Do

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Traveling with Small Kids: A Family “Vacation” Is Not Quite a Vacation!

pack mule

It's about that time. We are all planning our family vacations for the summer. Mom, get that huge diaper bag overflowing with diapers, bottles and cheerios ready. Dad, get ready to be the family pack mule. Ahhh, the family vacation. Fun in the sun? Absolutely. A little R and R? Not quite. A family vacation is not quite a vacation. It’s a Schlep-Fest. We work just as hard, if not harder, than when we’re at home; doing it in a different place. Often, we return home exhausted, minus the beloved blankie a child can’t sleep without, and sometimes, barely on speaking terms with our spouse. Why?

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Don’t Forget Your Mother-in-Law on Mother’s Day!

Mothers-in-law don’t get great press. There are millions of horror stories about them doing the rounds on the internet, and if you google “jokes” you’ll see that most jokes are about mother-in-laws. Sure, some might deserve it but most are just women who are doing their best to navigate the tricky terrain of family relationships...

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The “Sex Life” of New Parents

run rabbit run

Just another night in suburbia...

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It’s Your Baby, But it’s Her Grandchild. Make Peace With Your Mother-in-Law.


When women marry and start a family, we envision a loving, respectful adult relationship with our husbands, parents, in-laws, and extended family. For some of us, this is exactly how things unfold. But, for the rest of us there can be trouble. Big trouble. The arrival of the first baby/grandchild can make the the daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship fraught.

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Mother’s Day Gifts: What Your Wife Really Wants


Chocolates? No. Jewelry? No. Flowers? No. This Mothers Day gift costs practically nothing, and it will make your wife smile for days (and if you do it right, maybe even for years).

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Hillary Duff’s Marriage Advice for New Moms


Hillary Duff and her husband, Mike Comrie recently became new parents. Hillary has been a mother for less than a month but she has more insight and self-awareness than I had after six (OK, twelve) months of motherhood!

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