Help! My Husband and I Are Constantly Fighting Since We Had a Baby

Q. My husband and I are constantly fighting. We fight about who gets up when, who is going to get the baby - day or night. We fight about who has done what, who has cleaned what, who's more tired, etc. He doesn't understand that I can barely get anything done during the day by myself ...

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My Wife Says “Not Tonight” Every Night

hourglass effect

Q: In your book, "Babyproofing Your Marriage", you all talk about the "Hourglass" that seems to get turned over when the husband asks for sex and is told "Not tonight." The idea is that if the request is not satisfied within the next 24 hours then the hubby's foot starts tapping as he looks at his watch. On one hand, I can see why it would be very annoying for a mom to have a request for sex come out of the blue and then be subjected to some kind of time pressure to get it done within the next X number of days in order to prevent a fight. On the other hand, speaking as a dad, it is also frustrating to have your wife say "Not tonight" and then leave it at that for days on end. I know from experience with my wife that if I ask her for sex on Monday and she says "No", if I ask again within the next couple of days she will get annoyed and tell me that I am obsessing about sex.

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My Husband is a Complete Slob!

Q: I am not exaggerating here, but my husband is a complete SLOB. I asked him out on our 1st date and he answered the door with a mop, so I assumed he knew how to clean. Um, no. We have a 16 month old, and I have a 9 and 10 year old from a previous marriage. I clean up WAY more than I should be. When I ask my kids to clean their room, they do. They know NOT to shed their toys/books/clothes anywhere but their rooms.

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Advice: Who comes first, my child or my husband?

Q: I had dated my husband for almost 7 years before we were married...I would have died for him. He would walk out my door to go to work and I would cry thinking something tragic may happen to him. Now, married for 5 years, with a 3 year old, I feel like he barely exists. I wonder, how can I place a child in front of someone whom I would die/kill/crawl in the coffin for??? My daughter is the only one I live and breathe for that normal??? My mother, who was a mother of 5, told me, "never neglect your husband, because your children always grow up and leave you...take care of your man." But now it's seems that I don't even care about that normal?

A: Yes, you are completely normal. The mother instinct is quite powerful. It’s like we have a Mommy Chip in our brains, and once we give birth, it’s activated and runs 24/7. And we can never shut the damn thing off.! Nature compels us to nurture our babies to the exclusion of (almost) everything else, which can include our husbands! But one thing is for sure, your mother is 100% right...

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My Mother-in-Law Visits Every Weekend. Help!

Q. I think my husband gets jealous for his mom because she doesn't get to spend as much time with our daughter as my mom does. Therefore, EVERY weekend we end up having dinner or having his parents come over. Is it selfish of me to be annoyed that I have to share my only time with my family with my MIL?

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I Have a Newborn and I am Exhausted, But My Husband Works Late

Q: My husband works late and has to work a lot of weekends. I don't sleep at night because I'm on red alert that the baby is going to wake up. I don't know how much longer I can keep going at this pace - I don't even have the energy to care about my marriage. Tell me I'm not alone.

A:  You are definitely not alone!  What you are describing is very common once you bring a baby home!  What you need is 8 hours of shut-eye.  That’s the only way you can charge your battery.  Now’s the time to sit down with your husband, and figure out a plan so you can sleep through the night at least once a week...

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Married to a Mama’s Boy: Husband Becomes Lazy Ass When His Mother is Around.

Q: When my mother-in-law comes to stay with us, my husband becomes a complete lazy ass. He lets her do his entire share of the parenting load.

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