My Mother-In-Law is Causing Me Anxiety and Stress

mother-in-law-from hell

Q: So to give you a bit of background I have been with my husband for 6 years. My mother-in-law has been bothering me a lot. She says negative/degrading things about my husband and she puts her other son on a pedestal, although he has no job and is addicted to video games.  She tells everyone...

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Help! My Husband and I Are Fighting Non-Stop Since Our Baby Came

"Baby ... Boom!"

Q.  I just stumbled across your site while almost weeping with desperation. Our baby girl is 9 weeks old and my husband and I fight nonstop. We are both so into our baby and are madly in love with her. And my husband does a lot … cooking, tidying up our home, picking up groceries etc....

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Help! Husband Says I Think He Can’t Take Care of Our Baby

it's never good enough

Question: I need advice! I’m 30 years old and my husband is 35 we just had our first child 3 months ago. Neither of us had any other children so it is a first for both of us. He is a person that experienced a hard childhood with his father and does not want to be...

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Advice: My husband thinks that he is working harder than me!

Q. I tried your "Training Weekend". I went away for a weekend in hopes of showing my husband just how my day goes when he is away, but he just packed up baby and himself and headed to his parents for the entire weekend.

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Help! My Husband and I Are Constantly Fighting Since We Had a Baby

Q. My husband and I are constantly fighting. We fight about who gets up when, who is going to get the baby - day or night. We fight about who has done what, who has cleaned what, who's more tired, etc. He doesn't understand that I can barely get anything done during the day by myself ...

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