Sex, Every Day. For A Whole Year. Could You Do It?

We have an update from that married-with-kids couple who had sex every day for 101 days. Remember Annie and Douglas Brown? They wrote about their marathon bonk-a-thon in “Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On their Sex Lives for 101 Days”.

I think most of us raising young children would sooner sign up for an actual marathon, than commit to a three-month long endurance test in the bedroom.

The Guardian UK caught up with the Annie and Doug this week to see how their marriage is doing five years after their experiment.  And what we want to know is … are they still at it?

Yes, but not everyday.

Annie says that the experience taught her that, ”when you’re in the tunnel of childrearing and career-building, that whole side of things just tends to get put on the back burner. People really don’t understand that sex is the glue that keeps you together. The physical in a relationship is the foundation it’s built on.

Doug talked about their no electronics in the bedroom rule “We have a conscious agreement that it is not acceptable to lie in bed and tap on a screen.” Just implementing that one rule could have a transformative effect on your sex life.

Charla Muller, also quoted in The Guardian, and her husband managed a full 365 consecutive days of sex. Wow. The changes she experienced in her marriage might, just might, tempt you to start your own sex bootcamp  …

Everything just gets better when sex is a vital part of your relationship. He’s happier, you’re happier, the whole house is happier. A daily kindness enters your relationship, a level of attentiveness for each other. It’s almost like you’re dating again .”

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