Everyone Wants a Piece of the Mom Pie

“Everyone wants a piece of the Mama.”

—Vicki, married 5 years, 2 kids

When we have more kids, each little person gets a smaller piece of The Mom Pie. As our banker-friend Michelle said, “It’s kind of like a dilution effect in an investment if new investors are brought in.” (Thanks, Michelle.) Then, of course, our Guilt Circuit goes into overdrive. “I’m not spending enough time with William. Megan was crying when I left for work this morning. They’re not eating enough vegetables.”

And, of course, there’s that big person lurking around the house looking for his piece of pie, too. One Sunday morning, Cathy, who had both kids yelling “Mama” and waving their arms at her, said to Mike, “Jeez, I need to split myself in two.” “No,” he said, “in three.”

After a long day at the circus, there are two choices in front of us: sex and sleep. Do we even need to finish this sentence? We tell ourselves that things will get better when all the kids are sleeping through the night, or in preschool, or maybe fifth grade, and then we’ll have time for our husbands again.


Fast-forward a few years and guess what?  My kids are ten, eight and seven, and I’m here to say yes, you will have more time for your husband, your family and yourself.  It happens!  Sit tight until all the kids are in elementary school!


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