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Don’t Forget Your Mother-in-Law on Mother’s Day!

Mothers-in-law don’t get great press. There are millions of horror stories about them doing the rounds on the internet, and if you google “jokes” you’ll see that most jokes are about mother-in-laws. Sure, some might deserve it but most are … Continue reading

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The “Sex Life” of New Parents

Just another night in suburbia… Continue reading

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It’s Your Baby, But it’s Her Grandchild. Make Peace With Your Mother-in-Law.

When women marry and start a family, we envision a loving, respectful adult relationship with our husbands, parents, in-laws, and extended family. For some of us, this is exactly how things unfold.

But, for the rest of us there can be trouble. Big trouble. The arrival of the first baby/grandchild can make the the daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship fraught. Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gifts: What Your Wife Really Wants







This Mothers Day gift costs practically nothing, and it will make your wife smile for days (and if you do it right, maybe even for years). Continue reading

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Hillary Duff’s Marriage Advice for New Moms

Hillary Duff and her husband, Mike Comrie recently became new parents. Hillary has been a mother for less than a month but she has more insight and self-awareness than I had after six (OK, twelve) months of motherhood! Continue reading

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Breastfeeding and Sex: What One Does to the Other

There are many reasons why our sex drives take a nosedive after a baby arrives. For many women, breast feeding tops the list of passion killers. Yes, our bodies’ and, more specifically, our boobs’ ability to feed our babies is astounding and beautiful but becoming a milking machine plays havoc in the bedroom. One of our girlfriends spoke for many when she said,

“Breast feeding makes me feel like a cow … not a sexy mama.” Continue reading

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Arguing Over Chores: Husbands and Wives Keep Score Over Who Is Working Harder

On any given weekend in millions of homes across globe, wives stand in front of their husbands listing all of the selfless acts they have performed in the last week: “I paid all the bills, bought a birthday present for your mother, read Goodnight Moon five times, took four six-year-olds to Chuck-E-Cheese . . . and that was just Tuesday. . . .”

The husbands return fire: “Excuse me, but did I not make the kids breakfast every morning last week, including the morning it made me late for my presentation, when I really should have gone in early? And I picked up the dry cleaning without being asked, and I did bath duty three times last week. What more do you want?”

A volley of personal accomplishments and sacrifices ensues. Not exactly what we thought life would be like when we eyed each other across the room all those years ago, is it? Continue reading

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How To Live Happily Ever After … After You Have Kids

Google “happiness and having children” and you’ll find a lot of depressing studies that seem to conclude that we have a national epidemic of miserable parents on our hands. The three of us have to admit that, in some respects, a good response to our own “what happened to my body/career/marriage since I had kids?” questions would have been a fairly swift kick in the ass. Continue reading

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Tori Spelling: Baby No. 4 On The Way

Tori Spelling announced today that she and her husband, Dean, are expecting their fourth child. Yes, that’s just five months after the birth of their third child. And in case you’re trying to figure out the math  … that means … Continue reading

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Sex: Frustrated Husband Wants His Wife to Want Sex

Q. Sex is not on her radar – Help! The whole thing really seems like such a weird joke civilized society plays on us. And ladies, many of us men understand the issues but that doesn’t help eliminate our libidos. Bottom line to me is; if there was a pill I could take that would inhibit my sex drive without inhibiting the other necessary benefits of Testosterone, I would take it in an instant. Continue reading

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