Valentines Fun with Your Husband … Even When Your Kids are Around

Our children might just be the ultimate romance-busters. There’s nothing sexy about a landscape littered with plastic toys, balls and sippy cups. Light a candle and your two-year old will take a dive at it; wear a sexy top and it will be barfed on, or at best, be mauled by tiny sticky hands.

But, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Take back Valentines Day and have those pint-sized mood-killers join in the fun.

  • Love Notes

Send him a kind, thoughtful or highly suggestive text message or email. Anything goes, especially if your kids are too little to read.  Whether naughty, or nice, everyone loves a heartfelt message from the one they love.

  • Shake Your Moneymaker …

Turn up the music and show your kids how it’s done. Conga, jive, shimmy or do-si-do around the living room.  Since your nightclubbing life is a thing of the past, this is really your only alternative.  But the kids will love the show and all that dancing may set off a spark or two.

  • Healthy Competition Breeds Excitement

Haul out the Scrabble or the deck of cards or the Wii, depending on your bend, and square off against each other.  There’s nothing like a little family competition to get the blood flowing. Twister anyone?

  • Have a Date Night, Have Date Night, Have a Date Night

You can have a “night out” together without leaving the house. One tablecloth, two candles, one bottle of wine, one takeout order, zero electronic gadgets turned on, and zero children awake (bribe them with your Valentines candy, if necessary) officially add up to a date night.

  • Enlist the Children as Date Night Accomplices

Get the kids involved in the super-secret planning and preparation of a special  evening for Dad.  They can help with shopping/cooking/ table setting and even getting you dressed up. Start the evening with a public commendation. Tell your partner- in front of the kids – that he’s a fabulous father and a wonderful husband. Mushy, we know, but it will send everyone over the moon.

  • Small Gestures of Intimacy Make a Big Difference
    While we’re on the subject of mushy, go for a little PDA, especially in front of the kids.  Make a point of reinstating the hugs and kisses that can so easily disappear when we get caught up in our frenetic lives.

One final Valentines Day related thought, because today is supposed to be all about love …

Remember that your relationship with your husband is the lynchpin of your family. When the two of you are happy together, everything else will pretty much fall into place. Having a great relationship with each other, being loving towards each other might be ultimate lifelong gift that you can give to your kids. So, don’t let the demands of parenthood mean that you put your marriage and each other in the backseat.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!


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