How to Seduce Your Wife

For men, getting in the mood for sex is as easy as pushing a button. A flash of thigh and a strategically placed hand and they are ready to go. For us women it’s like manning the controls of a 747.

 Mission Control

One of the most important differences between male and female sexuality is that men feel close and connected to their wives after they have sex, but for women that feeling of closeness has to precede the act. In other words, a woman needs to feel loved and wanted in order for her to want and enjoy sex.  And when that woman is a mother with small children, you need to show her the love by lightening her load.

Conserve her energy so that she has something left in the tank for you. Make the dinner. Bathe the kids. Get up in the night. Sure it’s not as much fun as blowing on the nape of her neck, but think of it as the foreplay that precedes the foreplay. Each time you take care of one of your wife’s to-dos, especially without being asked, you make it easier for her to feel sexy. When we have time to shave our legs, brush our teeth, and not worry about the bedlam outside the bedroom, we can more easily slip into lover mode.


Remember the finer things. Yes, all that stuff you used to do because it got you laid (same principles still apply); writing a note, initiating a “deep and meaningful”. It’s always the thought that leads straight to a woman’s heart (and other vital body parts).

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