Heidi Klum and Seal divorce. What went wrong?


Heidi Klum and Seal always seemed crazy about each other. Their love, and delight with their large family, seemed to be the real deal. The news that they are divorcing after seven years of marriage is sad. We all know that celebrity marriages are often not what they appear, that the perfect looking couple on the red carpet gazing into each others eyes might well be giving us all an oscar-winning performance and that they were bickering and calling their respective divorce attorneys on the drive over in the limo.

But every now and again there is a couple who seem to be really, really in love. And they restore our faith in the happily-ever-after fairy tale. For many of us, Heidi and Seal with their four beautiful children were that couple. We liked to imagine that they were dealing with some of the same issues as the rest of us … juggling the demands of multiple children, managing two careers, finding time for each other, albeit with vast sums of money and against a more glamorous backdrop.  But still, we’d smile whenever we saw a photo of Heidi at the playground pushing one kid on the swing, while balancing another on her hip because – just that morning – we had done exactly the same thing with our kids.

And now it seems that even with all their money and the extraordinary bond of raising four children, they could not keep their marriage together. Media reports are citing too much time apart/not enough time together as one of the reasons for the split. There are also rumors that the growing disparity in their income ($12 million last year for Heidi, not so much for Seal) was a source of growing tension. So, they are not so different from the hundreds of thousands of once-in-love couples who divorce every year because of arguments about finances and not making the relationship a priority.

Heidi and Seal serve as a reminder to the rest of us that even the greatest, most romantic love stories can unravel when we don’t keep our egos in check and spend time with each other.


Images from www.interracialfamily.org and http://eurobuzz.com

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